After a whole week with no radio in my car, I have been busy trying to locate the blown fuse for the audio unit. I suspect the problem could be far worse since the side mirrors are no-longer working anymore.

I used the manual and therefore would recommend you first consult your users manual before attempting any modifications to your car.

The Audio Unit is has 2 power inputs/outputs:

  • Battery+ 12V
  • ACC +12V

Battery +12V

This wire is Light Green/Yellow in color and is connected to the vehicle's +12V terminal accross a 15A Fuse Connection No:34. There is also present a 10A fuse before you reach the Audio Unit using harness number: E101-M1. This 10A fuse is actually mounted on the radio itself.

The connection is as follows: BATTERY -> 15A FUSE -> 10A FUSE ->AUDIO UNIT

Note however that this +12V Line is connected directly from the battery through 2 virgin control units *1A and *2B which have never been energised before on-board. This is the same line which I hooked my voltimeter project.

The fuse for this line is located in the Fuseable link box right next to the battery. See the image below:


The cover for this fuseable link box has a map on which fuse controls what. Look at this carefully well.


This line is Blue and goes through Fuse Block(J/B) on M7 cable harness. The connection number is 16 and is protected by a 16A fuse. The connection point on the Audio unit is 37 but this might change depending on the audio unit used.

From the battery the connection is as follows: BATTERY -> 80A FUSE -> ACC RELAY COIL -> 10A FUSE

Note that this 10A fuse is shared between the following devices:

  • Ignition Key
  • NATS - Nissan Antitheft System
  • Mirrors
  • Audio

This image below is the Fusebox which is located below the steering wheel.


Once again the cover for this fusebox shows a map of the fuses. I strongly suggest you read this carefully before replacing the fuses.

Using a multimeter I noticed confirmed the fuses were indeed blown out and needed replacement. I also tested the other fuses which were okay.