So much desire ends up in accomplishment. After waiting, saving and prepping(coding) for sometime I am ready to start my journey into the world of Self Driving Cars at Udacity.

I have read reviews, gone through students’ blogs on the course, tried out some projects on my own, so now I get to get my feet wet in the course.

Self-driving cars represent one of the most significant advances in modern history. Their impact will go beyond technology, beyond transportation, beyond urban planning to change our daily lives in ways we have yet to imagine.


The program started in Thursday the 14th Dec 2017 and am going on well. So far so good. This first term has alot of Computer Vision exercises and projects mostly in Python, so I have polished my knowledge well so far. The web UX is well done and I can track my progress both on desktop and on the Udacity app.

I will be posting regularly of my progress here, on my Github repo and my on website:

Thanks #Udacity