Among the useful functional apps that I have added this week in the tablet is RealDash. The guys behind this project have done a wonderful job.

RealDash is simply the most beautiful dash that your car company should have installed in your car but did not. They have many designs of a digital dash together with music, trip and games.

There is a free and premium version.

The app runs smoothly on the tab but it intermittently works. During a normal drive it will somehow loose the connection with the OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter only to reconnect after some 5mins.

Then I notice there is some latency as compared to the car's meters.

But anyhow the graphics are legit and awesome to look, especially at night.

I think that there are some settings that I need to make, so by the end of next week I shall have a better review.

If it works well am going Premium!! :-)