As I write this post the radio is out and the front panel looks like a mess.

A peek behind the radio system last week looked like an wiring graveyard. The place was full of accumulated dust and used insulation tape everywhere. Unlabelled wires everywhere and weak connections.


I spent today cleaning and re-doing the wiring and improving the overall appearance of that place.


Dashboard situation diring working.


Wiring reference connection image


Untidy connection.


B+ and ACC connection wires.

I fnished and tidied up the connections, ready for mounting back the radio system. I however want to extend the wires see how I can have the rado at the back of the car, since I only use it in AUX mode.

Radio System

The car came with a basic SONY Sound system with MP3, Android and CD Disk functionality. I opened up the radio and removed the CD setion which made it very light. I think I shaved off 200grams. The left over space can be used to hold a Raspberry pi or something close to this.


The radio runs off 12VDC and takes in 0.9A when in standby mode.