GoodMorning, I hope this post finds you well, and I hope you had a great weekend.

This past weekend I have been busy wiring up the radio and moving it from the dashboard to the back. I find it more practical since I don't interract with it so much during driving, furthermore the front section is currently occupied by the tablet mod.

The SONY radio has the following sets of inputs and outputs:

  • +12V and +12V Battery and ACC power.
  • -ve Ground Connection.
  • 4 pairs of speaker connection for the 4 speakers.
  • AUX cable port.

Firstly I used an ethernet cable which had 4 pairs of wires for the speaker wires. Then I ran this cable from the dashboard, below the seats until the back of the car. At the back I terminated it at the SONY car radio system. After a continuity test, all was OK.


Now for the power connections I got some good gauge wires which had proper insulation. Took a pair connected them at the dashboard +12V and ACC terminals then ran them alongside the ethernet cable to the back. Also terminated at the radio's connection. I had a challenge of getting a good grounding terminal since the back is all plastic and getting access to the car's metallic body was not easy. I resulted to running a wire down under to the spare wheel then up to the radio's -Ve connection point.

Soon after finishing this setup, I realised that I will have a problem. Since the tab is at the front which holds all the music, how will I connect to it? Is there a 2M long AUX cable? I had thought of using bluetooth but thats for another day.

For testing purposes, I used my phone which I connected it at the back and the system was working well. It worked so well even when using max volume.

However after switching on and off the car during yesterday's afternoon's commute the radio system did not come ON. I checked the ground connection, it was sound. Then I realsed that also the Voltimeter was not displaying anything. Thats when I realised that I could have blown a fuse. All other systems is the car are working well except this one supplied by the 12V terminal where I had hooked the voltimeter and radio system.

A blown fuse could mean so may things happened. Overvoltage and Shortcircuit are the most common reasons. Tonight I hope to check up on the wiring, and solve this issue.

Thank you for reading. Remember to keep your eyes on the road always.